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The Fringe in Blackwood

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 Aiyudotcom Fringe Festival Event

"Aiyudot Khom is Getting Married"

18th & 25th February

at the Artisan Cafe

Shows commence at 8.30pm.

Tickets $10 (+srv fee)

available at Blackwood Champs Sports

Or online at:,

Ph: 1300 374 643


Blackwood’s Artisan Café will host a cyber wedding as part of the 2011 Adelaide Fringe. And you’re invited.

 The show, though, is anything but local.

 It follows the story of Aiyudot Khom – a Blackwood local – who is living his life in the Internet clouds.

For Aiyudot, nothing seems to connect – his phone, his laptop, his life. In his search for connection, Aiyudot finds he

is not alone. In the dying days of 2010 he stumbles upon net-savvy Pixie.   more.....

While fireworks herald the New Year in Dublin, Lisbon and Casablanca, Aiyudot and Pixie find a private place in the clouds to connect. One thing leads to another. Now they’re getting married. Will they'll take the plunge or pull the plug?

 This is a story of what it means to connect in a wireless world and how things in life, and in particular on the Internet, are not always what they seem.

The show features opportunities for interaction, including via the Internet.  Those coming to see the show are encouraged to bring laptops, pads or smart phones, though you don't need gadgets to enjoy the show. There’s even opportunities to interact before the show. and follow the link to help Aiyudot get ready for the big day.

Aiyudot Khom Is Getting Married will be presented at the Artisan Café, Blackwood (behind Bendigo Bank) on Friday evenings 18th and 25th February. Shows commence at 8.30pm. Tickets $10 (+srv fee) from, ph: 1300 374 643 or locally at Blackwood Champs






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