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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


  • I have questions about how to use this site. Go to the - if you don't find your answer here, please  
  • How do I list my business on this website?  Email us at
  • Is the Community Trader free? What is it for and how do I place an ad?  The Community Trader is a facility for the local community to place a notice online free - this may include advertising items individuals have for sale, lost property, a community notice or a service you may have to offer.   There is  no charge for this service.  In the initial stages, as the site becomes more established, notices will remain on the website for an undefined period.  You must, however, advise us when you have sold your goods, or if you want your notice removed.  Just email us with these details.  To list your items, click on the Free Trader icon beneath the main menu at the top of the site, click 'add entry', fill in the required fields and select the category that would be appropriate for your notice.  You can then add images to your notice.  Images are recommended, as they help provide a quick visual indicator of your goods or the subject matter of your ad.  These files must be in jpeg format, and sized to a maximum of 500kb.  Select the browse button to locate the image file from you computer, then select the upload button to upload the photo.  You can upload 3 images per entry.  If you have more than 3 images, and/or items with images, you can post  another ad. If you are unsure of adjusting your image size, attach the image to an email and we will resize it for you. Read the Terms of Use found via the link, and if you agree to these terms, select the send button  Your details will be forwarded through to administration for approval and posting live on the website.
  • I would like to place a notice on the Events Calendar - How do I do this?  If you wish to place a notice on the events calendar open the calendar (click on the Calendar link on main tabs bar breneath main menu), select the link at the top of the Calendar page.  Complete the details as instructed, selecting the appropriate category for your event.  If a suitable category is not available, please email us.
  • I would like to place a comment on the Forum - How do I do this?  Click  on the Forum Tab located at the top of th website beneath the main menu.  Look through the Forum names, and topics already posted in the forum.  View the existing topics. If you wish to respond or comment on an existing topic, click the 'Reply' link at the bottom of the topic text.  If you wish to create a new topic, click the New Topic link at the top of the forum screen (click 'back' in your browser to return to the previous page(s).
  • I can't find the business I am looking for.   Most businesses in the Blackwood area will included in the Directory.  You can search the directory for the name, or part of the name of the business you are looking for.  New listings are continually being added to the directory.  If the business you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us, we will be pleased to help you.  You may also consult the white or yellow pages, or the Blackwood District Business and Trade directory. In the meantime, check back regularly to see the new businesses that have been listed.
  • What is a Browser, and what is Firefox? *  A browser is the window or viewing platform that enables us to view websites and various information available on the www (World Wide Web).  A common browser is Internet Explorer (IE). There are also other browsers available - including Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Safari. Safari has been typically used for Mac systems.  However, all browsers have an option to download for either PC or Mac computer systems. With faster broadband connections, this site is best viewed with either  Firefox, IE 6 or above,or .  For  slower speed connections, this site is best viewed with Firefox.  Due to the  dynamic content of this site, Firefox will give you a faster browsing experience.  You can download Firefox  here.  You can download Netscape here. *
*(This is a simple explanation of the different browsers in terms of the  best options  for  viewing this website  only.  We do not make any general recommendations in other cases. Please make your own independent enquiries if you require further information.)
  • HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS?  We will continue to develop the frequently asked Questions page. If you have other questions that are not addressed here, please s.


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