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Blackwood On-line - Administration 
Ph (08) 8278 1275,  Fax (08) 8278 2024   Mobile 0411 400 341 
Enquiries by Email 
For email contact please use the following email addresses to ensure your enquiry is forwarded through to the appropriate area.
Enquiries:  All general enquires regarding the website
Advertising: -  to include your details in our directory
of business listings, or advertise /promote a business,
service, club, organisation or charity
Administration:  For any administrative matter relating to listing content on the website  
Community Trader:  For posting content or making enquiries regarding the Community Trader (*Marketplace) to 
Feedback: Feedback regarding the content or operation of this website
Report:  To report any website content or activity that, to your knowledge, is not in accordance with the terms and conditions of this website        
Thank you for your enquiry 
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